The 70ies

John Franklin (lead guitar), Tony Collier (bass), Kevin Scott (lead vocals) and Brian Allen (drums).
Now this was the classic lineup which recorded the famous album "Hiroshima" in 1970 with producer Lou Reizner at Chappell Recording Studios, London. It was released in the UK in 1971 on B&C Records, the original distributor of "The Famous CHARISMA Label, in the US on AMPEX Records and in Germany on Global Records, which are still the copyright holders of most of WISHFUL THINKING's late songs.
Tony Collier did the lead vocals on "Hiroshima", "We're Gonna Change All This", "I Wrote A Song" and "Ever Since I Can Remember", Kevin Scott did the rest of the songs.
Besides the 11 songs from the album (all written by Dave Morgan, whose album "Morgan" was also produced by Reizner) they recorded some other songs: "Lu La Le Lu" by Klaus Voormann, "Clear White Light" by LINDISFARNE's Alan Hull and "Horizon" by Patrina Lordon which were all released on single later.
In 1971 AMPEX Records released a promo-45 with "United States Of Europe '79" in Stereo and Mono, as usual in the US; in Germany "Hiroshima" was released as a single, backed with "She Belongs To The Night" and became a minor hit there.
"We did have a monster hit with a song called Hiroshima in Germany. At the time, it was the second biggest seller ever over there. We did a short tour to promote the single which was terrific.... The tour, not the record!... In hindsight, we should have stayed over there for a long time, because the band was really popular, but because of bad management, we came back and didn't push the band." (Tony Collier, 2000)
In early 1972 B&C Records released the non-LP track "Lu La Le Lu" backed with "We're Gonna Change All This".
The second 45 released on B&C Records, "Clear White Light", has very much air play in the UK on Radio 1 but all of the fans couldn't buy the record because of a distribution problem with the record company and so the single didn't go into the charts. All of the big DJs said it would be number one! So it was very dissapointing for the band when the sales were low.

Brian Allen(der) left after a while and a drummer called Pete Ridley joined.

In 1971 Tony Collier left the band and a friend of his, Ray Davis, from Southampton took over from him for a few months, but the band folded shortly after.
Kevin Scott & John Franklin
1973 saw the release of the movie "That'll Be The Day" with Ringo Starr and David Essex, which includes a short appearance of "WISHFULL THINKING" (misspelled on the cover of the soundtrack double-album) doing the song "It'll Be Me" during a dance contest.
In the same year Roger Charles, who left the band in 1970, released a single on Dawn records, "Understand Each Other" followed by his second release, the single "Pachelbel" the following year.

Marty, Paul and Danny In 1974 Kevin Finn (then going by the name of Danny Finn) teamed up with Marty Kristian and Paul Layton to form a trio aptly named Marty, Paul and Danny and did 3 singles with them in 1975: COMING ALIVE AGAIN (RCA 2486), TAKE ME BACK (RCA 2607) and SWEET MELINDA (RCA 2630).
From 1976 to 1978 he was a member of the NEW SEEKERS. In 1978 he married fellow band member Eve Graham; they left the NEW SEEKERS that year to work as a duo.

Nearly at the same time, 1976, "Hiroshima" became a hit in Germany a second time!
ATLANTIC Records had rereleased the single in 1975. So WISHFUL THINKING reformed with John Franklin (then musical director of the NEW SEEKERS) , Tony Collier, Kevin Finn and John Redpath as their new drummer just to promote the rerelease.
But the German fans wanted more than just a rerelease!
In 1977 ATLANTIC Records released a second single with tunes from the old days: "Clear White Light/ Horizon". But "Clear White Light" didn't make the charts.
Then Peter Kirsten, head of GMG Records in Munich, produced a new single with them: "America/ You Lay Me Down". Lead vocals on "America" again Tony Collier, as on "Hiroshima". And it became a big hit in Germany even as "Hiroshima"!
"I think we should have stayed over in Germany for a few years while the band were popular, but it didn't happen." (Tony Collier, 2000)

In 1979 followed a second new 45, "State Fair Majorette" composed by the band itself, backed with never heard Dave Morgan-tune called "Crash At Honolulu".
GMG Records also released a new album, then simply called "Wishful Thinking" (later to be renamed "Hiroshima"), but it did not include only new recordings but many old songs from the original "Hiroshima"-album.
John Redpath then decided to quit the band and it appeared that it was finally the end of the road for Wishful Thinking
In 1979 Eve Graham and Danny Finn teamed up with the NEW SEEKERS' producer David Mackay to record their first single, Ocean and Blue Sky. Although it had a catchy tune and memorable lyrics, MacKay's magic failed to work it's spell on the record buying public. Meanwhile ...
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