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Live Vol: 1.  Hiroshima  That'll Be The Day (T.V.-Soundtrack)  Wishful Thinking  Live Vol. 2  Step By Step
Eve Graham & Danny Finn - On The Road  Brian Allender Band - Oh, What A Night.
Various Artists compilations

Live Vol: 1.
January 1968: UK/ B: DECCA SKL 4900, D: DECCA SLK 16545-P, SOUTH AFRICA: ?
1996: J: DERAM PHCR-4237 (CD-Rerelease)

Producer: Tony Meehan
1. Step By Step (Flett-Hill)
2. Big Girls Don't Cry (Crewe-Gaudio)
3. Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow (Frazier)
4. Turning Round (Flett-Hill)
5. Hang Around Girl (Fletcher-Flett)
6. California Girls (Wilson)
7. Reach Out (I'll Be There) (E. & B. Holland-Dozier)
1. Walk Away Renee (Brown-Calilli-Sansone)
2. Happy Together (Bonner Gordon)
3. Is She A Woman Now? (Charles-Bailey)
4. Que Sera Sera (Whatever Will Be, Will Be) (Evans-Livingstone)
5. Peanuts (Cook)
6. The Exodus Song (Cold-Boone)
7. Cherry Cherry (Diamond)

back cover, signed by the whole band
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UK: 1971: Hiroshima
B&C CAS 1038
Photographs and design by Ruan O'Locklainn/ SNAPS

CAN: 1971: blue label
USA: 1971: white label
band's name written wrongly on both labels: WISHFULL THINKING
Photographed by Ruan O'Locklainn
Designed by Neil Shakery

D: 1971: Wishful Thinking
Album Design: Witt

D: 1976: Hiroshima
MIDI MID 20 105

D: 1976: Hiroshima
ATLANTIC ATL 50 271 (20 105)
Hiroshima - This Time Tomorrow - She Belongs To The Night - Mary Goodbye - Ever Since I Can Remember - We're Gonna Change All This
Now - United States Of Europe '79 - I Wrote A Song - 1984 - Goodbye Lover

John Franklin, lead guitar - Tony Collier, bass - Kevin Scott, lead vocals - Brian Allen, drums

All Songs Written By Dave Morgan
Produced by Lou Reizner
Engineered by John Timperley
Recorded at Chappell Recording Studios, London

That'll Be The Day (T.V.-Soundtrack)
1973: NL: RONCO MR 2002/3 (2-LP)

(Wishful Thinking is to be seen for a very short time playing live during a dance contest)

T.V.-Film with Ringo Starr, David Essex, Keith Moon
Music by WISHFULL THINKING, Everly Brothers, The Platters, Dion and the Belmonts, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Billy Fury & many others

WISHFUL THINKING also backed the tracks with Billy Fury (see below)
Side 1, 2, 3 without WISHFUL THINKING
Side 4

BILLY FURY - A Thousand Stars (Eugene Pearson)
VIV STANSHALL - Real Leather Jacket (V. Stanshall)
BILLY FURY - Long Live Rock (P. Townshend)
STORMY TEMPEST - What In The World (Shoop) (V. Stanshall)
BILLY FURY - That's All Right Mama (Arthur Crudup)
EUGENE WALLACE - Slow Down (Williams)
BILLY FURY - Get Yourself Together (Billy Fury)
BILLY FURY - What Did I Say (Ray Charles)
WISHFULL THINKING - It'll Be Me (Clement)

from the inside of the fold out cover:
Kevin Scott and John Franklin

"That'll Be The Day" has been released on DVD in 2003:
from the backside of the cover:
Kevin Scott and
John Franklin
There's also an EP with four tracks from the double-LP:

Wishful Thinking (later renamed: "Hiroshima", with a slightly different cover)

1979: Wishful Thinking
D: GLOBAL RECORDS AND TAPES 259 311-217 (CD-Rerelease)

1979: Hiroshima
1. State Fair Majorette (J. Franklin/ K. Finn/ T. Collier) *
2. Clear White Light (Alan Hull)
3. America (J. Franklin/ K. Finn/ T. Collier/ H. D. Brandt-Gudat/ R. Oppermann/ Jof) *
4. She Belongs To The Night (Dave Morgan)
5. Crash At Honolulu (Dave Morgan) *
1. Hiroshima (Dave Morgan)
2. I Wrote A Song (Dave Morgan)
3. Now (Dave Morgan)
4. 1984 (Dave Morgan)
5. Goodbye Lover (Dave Morgan)
Produced by Lou Reizner
*Produced by Peter Kirsten and Wishful Thinking for GMG Productions

Eve Graham & Danny Finn - On The Road (reissue on MC of: "Woman Of The World" from 1980)

1984: UK:
details will follow soon

Brian Allender Band - Oh, What A Night.

2001: UK: private release on CD-R
1 - Tell Her About It
2 - Baker Street
3 - Let's Hang On
4 - In Your Eyes
5 - Never Can Say Goodbye
6 - Sounds Like The Sixties
7 - American Patrol
8 - Saving All My Love For You
9 - December `63 (Oh What A Night)
Drums -- Brian Allen
Bass -- Peter White
Guitar -- Gary Cooper
Keyboards -- Steve Hall, John Badley
Saxophone -- Mel Wayne, Ian Brown (Brownies),
                      Paul Smith (Miff)

Trumpet -- Mark Atkins, Steve Carrigan, Bruno Penrose
Trombone -- Roland Knight, Steve Pearce
Vocals -- David Phelbs, Sue Jefferey, Gary Cooper, Brian Allen
               Peter White, Mark Atkins, and special
               thanks to Lynda Myers

Engineered -- Will Williams, Avril West, Tim Laws
Mixing -- Tim Laws
Recorded at -- 2001 Studios, Ash, Surrey
Produced by -- Brian Allen, Gary Cooper and Chris West
Many thanks to everyone involved in this project, especially Steve H for his arrangements, tea and coffee. Mark for leading the brass section. Chris, Will and Tim for putting up with us and HFC Bank plc for the finance
The Brian Allen Band

Live Vol. 2

2002: DK: private release on 2-CD-R
 1. A Girl In The Park
 2. On The Top Of The World
 3. Someday
 4. Count To Ten
 5. If You Don't Want My Love
 6. Lost And Down
 7. That's The Time Together
 8. Vegetables
 9. That's What Love Is Made Of
10. Somebody's Taken Maria Away
11. Baby You'll Be On My Way
12. Local Dust In The Future
13. Something Else/ Summertime Blues
14. For What It's Worth
15. Good Thing
16. A Wonderfull One
17. Mr. Dyingly Sad
18. My Girl In The Month Of May
19. Cherry Cherry
 1. Hush
 2. I Want You Girl
 3. A Big Noise From Winnetka
 4. Bouree
 5. Money Honey
 6. Peanuts
 7. Sunshine Girl
 8. Trying To Get To You
 9. Morning Dew
10. The Exodus Song

© by Leif Vest, Denmark

Step By Step
and other singles 1963-1968 plus unreleased tracks

December 18th, 2007: DK: Frost Records FROST WISH1
 1. The Kerry Dancers (P.D. - arr. Vic Keary)
 2. Little White Lies (Donaldson)
 3. Don't Listen To Your Friends (Lordan)
 4. Say You're Mine (Meehan, Stracey)
 5. King Lonely The Blue (Andriani, Pomus)
 6. Someone Else's Fool (Rogers, Meehan)
 7. Turning Round (Flett, Hill)
 8. V.I.P. (Flett)
 9. Step By Step (Flett, Hill)
10. Looking Around (Flett, Hill)
11. Count To Ten (Flett, Fletcher)
12. Hang Around Girl (Flett, Fletcher)
13. Cherry, Cherry (Diamond)
14. Peanuts (Guerrero)
15. Meet The Sun (Fletcher, Flett)
16. Easier Said Than Loving You (Wishful Thinking)
17. Alone (M. & S. Craft)
18. Vegetables (Wilson)
19. It's So Easy (Watkins)
20. I Want You Girl (Charles, Bailey, Potter)
Unreleased bonustracks
21. Wonderful Day (Charles, Bailey)
22. Hush (Joe South)
23. Personality (Harold Logan, Lloyd Price)
24. Top Of The World (Wishful Thinking)
25. If You Don't Want My Love (Wishful Thinking)
26. Walk Away Renee (Michael Brown)
27. We Can Sing Together (Alan Hull)
28. We're Back In Britain (Wishful Thinking)
© by FROST RECORDS, Denmark

Believing In Dreams

2009: UK: (no label)
 1. When You Dance (Neil Young)
 2. Manhattan Lights (WT)
 3. Hiroshima (Morgan)
 4. Broken Horse (WT)
 5. Black Is White (WT)
 6. Shine A Light (WT)
 7. Believer In Dreams (Ferguson, Leach, Davis)
 8. State Fair Majorette (WT)
 9. Dance With Me. "Live At Lakeside" (Hohn Hall)
10. Cary On (Stephen Stills)
11. Jessie (WT)
12. You Know What I'm Like (WT)
13. Make A Fool Out Of Me (WT)
14. Forever's Getting Shorter (WT)
15. America (WT)
John, Kevin and Tony.
Produced by Wishful Thinking.
Recorded at Lakeside Studios, Surrey.

V.A. - The R&B Scene

1998: UK: Deram 844 798-2 (CD)
 1. The Birds - You're On My Mind
 2. The Fairies - Anytime At All
 3. Blues By Five - Boom, Boom
 4. The Cops 'n' Robbers - There's Got To Be A Reason
 5. Dave Berry - Don't Gimme No Lip, Child
 6. Lulu and The Luvvers - I'll Come Running Over
 7. The Graham Bond Organization - Long Tall Shorty
 8. The Frays - Keep Me Covered
 9. Davie Jones and The King Bees - Louie Louie Go Home
10. John Mayall's Bluesbreakers - Crawling Up A Hill
11. The Chasers - Hey Little Girl
12. Zoot Money - The Uncle Willie
13. The Hipster Image - Can't Let Her Go
14. David John and The Mood - To Catch That Man
15. The Beazers - Blue Beat
16. The Exotics - Cross My Heart
17. Rod Stewart - Good Morning Little Schoolgirl
18. Alexis Korner's Blues Inc. - I Got My Mojo Working
19. The Emeralds - King Lonely The Blue
20. The Big Three - You've Gotta Keep Her Underhand
21. The Plebs - Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
22. Steve Aldo and The Challengers - Can I Get A Witness
23. The Redcaps - Talkin' About You
24. Paul's Disciples - See That My Grave Is Kept Clean
25. The Birds - You Don't Love Me

V.A. - Prisoners Of The Beat

1999: ?: Chain Gang (LP)
Side One
1. The Humane Society - Eternal Prison
2. Jim Messina and The Jesters - Strange Man
3. The Percussions - Your Love
4. The Road Runners - I'll Make It Up To You
5. The Excentrics - What Can I Do What Can I Say
6. T.R. and The Yardsmen - I Tried
7. The Gisha Brothers - Prisoner Of The Beat (Germany)
8. The Steadtfasts - Stranger (Germany)
9. The Ghools - It Will Be Fine (Switzerland)

Side Two
1. Gerald Wells and The Torkays - Come On
2. The Emeralds - King Lonely The Blue (UK)
3. The Astronauts - Can't You See I Do
4. Les Sunlights - I'm Lonely (Belgium)
5. The Black Batmen - Sittin' All Aone (Denmark)
6. The Abstract Sound - I'm Trying
7. The Astronauts - My Sin Is My Pride
8. Yemm and The Yemen - Black Is The Night (UK)
9. The Church Mice - Babe We're Not Part Of Society

V.A. - Rare 60's Beat Treasures, Vol. 5

1999: UK: Gone Beat BT-CD 77014 (CD)
 1. Freddie Starr and The Midnighters - Peter Gunn Locomotion
 2. King Size Taylor - Stupidity
 3. Mickie Most - A Little Bit Hot
 4. Andy Cavell - Shut Up
 5. The Exceptions - Girl Trouble
 6. The Bambis - Baby Blue
 7. King Size Taylor - Bad Boy
 8. Mickie Most - Sea Cruise
 9. Freddie Starr and The Midnighters - It's Shaking Time
10. The Incas - One Night Stand
11. The Hellions - Shades Of Blue
12. The Sundowners - Baby Baby
13. The Bambis - If This Is Love
14. The Voids - Come On Out
15. Johnny Milton and The Condors - A Girl Named Sue
16. The Presidents - Let The Sunshine In
17. The Regents - Bye Bye Johnny
18. Johnny Milton and The Condors - Something Else
19. The Sons Of Fred - You Told Me
20. The Golden Crusaders - Hey Good Lookin'
21. The Strangers - What Can I Do
22. The Emeralds - Someone Else's Fool
23. Tony Jackson - Save A Dream For Me
24. The Cherokees - I Will Never Turn My Back On You
25. The Golden Crusaders - Come On, Come On
26. The Toggery Five - I'm Gonna Jump

V.A. - Red With Purple Flashes, Vol. 2

2000: US: Parka (LP)
both WISHFUL THINKING tracks are the versions from the Live Vol. 1-album
1. Wishful Thinking - Step By Step
2. Act Of Creation - Yesterday Noontime
3. The Gates Of Eden - Yha Da Da
4. The Lee Kings - On My Way
5. Johnny Dean and The Deacons - Shotgun
6. The Counts - I Can't Go On
7. Los Brincos - I Know
8. Patterson's People - Shake Hands With The Devil
9. Legay - No One

1. The Pandamonium - The Sun Shines From His Eyes
2. Travel Agency - Come To Me
3. The Summer Set - What Are You Gonna Do?
4. The Spiders - Cool It
5. The Groove - Play The Song
6. The Good Vibrations - Call Me Lightning
7. The Fun Of It - Drollery
8. Wishful Thinking - Is She A Woman Now
9. Jean-Pierre Messiera - Jim Clark Was Driving Recklessly

also released, coupled with LP Vol. 1, on CD

V.A. - Beat Us If You Can! Vol. 1

2001: US: Liverpoodle (LP)
1. Wishful Thinking - V.I.P.
2. Lyons and Malone - She's Alright
3. The Groove - Play The Song
4. Don Charles - She's Mine
5. The New Breed - Friends And Lovers Forever
6. The Monotones - Something's Hurtin' Me
7. Liverpool Five - Piccadilly Line
8. John Bryant - Tell Me What You See
9. Force Five - Gee Too Tiger

1. Tony Richie - Anyone At The Party Seen Jenny
2. The Executives - Sensations
3. Patterson's People - Deadly Nightshade
4. The Cherokees - Everybody Needs
5. The One Hit Wonder - Hey Hey Jump Now
6. The Beatstalkers - You Better Get A Better Hold On
7. Force West - Talkin' About Our Love
8. The Kingpins - That's The Way It Should Be
9. Heinz - Movin' It

V.A. - We're Not What We Appear To Be

Wolfrilla 1011 (LP)
1. The Bunch - We're Not What We Appear To Be
2. Ian & The Zodiacs - Wade In The Water
3. Pinkerton's Assorted Colours - Will Ya?
4. The Merseys - The Cat
5. The Mindbenders - My New Day And Age
6. Tuesday's Children - Summer Leaves Me With A Sigh
7. Force Five - Don't Know Which Way To Turn

1. Winston's Fumbs - Real Crazy Apartment
2. The Blue Aces - That's Alright
3. Paul & Barry Ryan - Gotta Go Out To Work
4. Mike Raynor & The Condors - Turn Your Head
5. The Montanas - Anyone There
6. Wishful Thinking - I Want You Girl
7. The Mindbenders - Far Across Town

V.A. - Under The Silent Tree: Psychedelic Pstones Volume IV

UK: Castle Music CMRCD893 (CD)
Honeybus - Under The Silent Tree
The Smoke - Playing With Magic
Paul St. John - The Flying Saucers Have Landed
Wishful Thinking - 1984
Tuesday - Sewing Machine
Fire - Like To Help You If I Can
Fat Mattress - She
The Kinks - Whip Lady
Stray - Around The World In Eighty Days
Parachment - Son Of God
Nimbo - Forget Her
Quiet World - The Visitor
Penny Arcade - The Two Of Us
The Tremeloes - Hard Time
Paul Brett Sage - 3D Mona Lisa
Status Quo - Shy Fly
The Kinks - Dreams
Stray - Time Machine
Writing On The Wall - Buffalo
Parchment - Love Is Come Again
The Laurels - The Devil's Well
Wishful Thinking - Hiroshima
Earl Jordan - 10,000 Years Behind My Mind
From the inner sleeve:
"WISHFUL THINKING had recorded an album for Decca back in 1967 but, despite the promising flower power trappings of the sleeve design, the set was merely a collection of so-so harmony beat/pop cover versions of material initially cut by the Four Seasons, the Beach Boys et al. Far more rewarding was a 1971 regrouping that led to a massive European hit with the haunting, Moody Blues/influenced 'Hiroshima', penned by former Uglys man (and writer of B-sides for the Move) Dave Morgan, with producer Lou Reizner delivering a dramatic recreation of the original 1945 radio broadcast. With the band lacking any kind of internal sonwriting ability, Morgan was also called upon to write the material for the Hiroshima album. In addition to the title song, we've selected '1984', in which the band attempted to come up with what they felt was a futuristic performance that matched the lyrical thrust. Fortunately for all of us, it was a case of reversing into tomorrow, and the track's reliance on studio trickery and psych-friendly instrumentation such as the Mellotron ensured that the song now sounds closer to 1968 than 1984."

80/90ies Singles